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Sessional Smiles 2024

Capture the Joy, Cherish the Moments 

Our Year-Round Subscription ensures a seamless blend of convenience, creativity, and cost savings. From exclusive events to personalized sessions, embark on a photography journey that celebrates every milestone, creating a gallery of memories as unique as your child's story.


Time and Convenience:


Parents often lead busy lives, and having a scheduled, subscription-based service reduces the stress of coordinating individual sessions. It provides a convenient and time-saving way to ensure regular portraits.

Exclusive Access to Events and Themed Sessions:

Subscribers may gain access to exclusive events and themed sessions, adding variety and uniqueness to their portrait collection.

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Annual Family Tradition:

This service can become an annual family tradition, creating anticipation and excitement for each session and fostering a positive family bonding experience.


Amanda's genuine passion and expertise shone through in every shot. She not only captured the perfect moments but also provided valuable guidance on styling and posing, elevating the entire experience. It felt like collaborating with an artist who was as invested in creating lasting memories as we were.

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What truly set this experience apart was the incredible level of fun and enjoyment infused into every session. Our kids were not just posing for photos; they were actively engaged in the process. The themed sessions were a particular hit, turning each appointment into a unique adventure for our little ones. Their genuine smiles and expressions captured are priceless treasures that we'll cherish forever.

What does a subscription entail?

  • A  meeting to discuss the  goals and time line for the family.

  • An overview of the main concept.

  • 6 pre-planned themed sessions.

  • Professional editing.

  • 2-4 digital images per session.

  • The option to include heirloom quality wall art.

  • Personal delivery of album and any artwork.

If we join forces, you’ll have

Did you know psychologists say that having physical portraits and  albums in our homes has positive effects on the self-esteem, of our  children?

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